The Tree of Knowlege brings doubts to Raised by Wolves

If you don’t like Raised by Wolves it’s not because you’re alone. The series is well filmed, but it is confusing, full of monsters and twists that are far from a theoretically simple plot. I could never in a million years foresee that would get addicted to it. With only two episodes away from saying goodbye to the second season, I’ve given up on finding answers to so many questions. At this point, I am just curious to see how crazier can they still get.

And I’m sad for Tempest and Sue…

Yes, by now everyone knows but we will have spoilers.

When Sue, recently despaired to save Paul, her “son”, she appealed to prayer, despite being an atheist. Unfortunately, our only rational, human and empathetic character starts to hear the same voice that has been driving Marcus, Paul, Campion, and even Father mad.

The “voice”, which Sue starts to call “Sol” to win her son’s affection, is an alien sign, not “God”, but it
teaches her how to save the child from turning into a synthetic snake (which constantly reminds me that there is a man transformed into a snake in that abandoned cave ). Obviously, the mission is difficult: Sue has to get leeches from the acid sea monsters. She succeeds, saves Paul, and becomes a believer, albeit in secret to Mother. The boy wonders, not because he heard voices (he himself only learned the truth about Sue and Marcus thanks to that gossipy voice), but because when it comes to Sol, no help comes without an exchange. Sue claims it was a gratuitous intervention, but at the end of the episode the voice takes its toll and she agrees to do anything to keep Paul alive. The danger is not clarifying what “anything” would be. Something in the sense of “planting seeds”.

Since what the Voice was asking was in line with Sue’s son’s desire to find the Tree of Knowledge, it was all good. Only because Mother is persecuting religious people, they had to do it in secret. With Marcus’ capture, the two reconcile with him, help him escape and the family is back together and happy, now all effectively religious and with the same goal.

And here comes the voice…

Sue and Paul tried their best to open the seedbox, but it was a childish lullaby that would do the trick, the same one that has plagued Sue since Season 1. Inadvertently, the doctor touches the seed, which enters her skin. Maddened, she starts digging and digging, and… we wake up with no sign of Sue, but with the tree already with (disgusting) fruits around it. Fruits are little brains (ugh). Paul looks for his mother and it seems that Marcus, after taking a bite of the fruit, hears the heart of the tree and understands what happened. At least he understood why we were shocked. Sue was turned into a tree? How to get out of this?

The other bizarre thing was the birth – ultra graphic – of Tempest’s child, who was going to throw the baby into the sea of ​​acid but is interrupted by a monster that – it is so absurdly uncomfortable – “kidnaps” the newborn, putting him on the chest (literally) and diving into the water.

Mother found out about Sue’s betrayal, but she won’t have time to deal with so much simultaneous disgrace. To see how Marcus will get rid of punishment once again.

After dedicating years of acceptance to the Night Walkers and Night King, I am very uncomfortable with the Aliens from Raised by Wolves. I’m afraid no explanation is enough to sustain them in the plot for long. They are gaining more prominence, and this kidnapping was the height of absurdity.

Now we have a Sue yielding fruits of knowledge, a voice running the game, an android as powerful as Mother, a murderous android on the loose (will Campion save her?), monsters in the acid sea… We have the leader of the atheists arrested and the last Mithraic released. Honestly, then they ask how the Earth was destroyed!

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