The Flight Attendant and who is Shane West

The Flight Attendant is a series worthy of all praise and hype. Well tied, fun, dense, and with incredible performances, in addition to its star, Kaley Cuoco. One of the standouts, since appearing in Season 1, is CIA-agent-undercover-as-flight-attendant Shane West. Played by musician and actor Griffin Matthews, Shane has the best insights and reactions to Cassie Bowen’s messy life.

Shane has been growing in his participation. Always around, fun – but attentive – coincidentally, he was always at the disposal of the stewardess who is addicted to chaos (and crimes). Turned out to be an undercover agent and on the heels of Megan Briscoe (Rosie Perez), but genuinely concerned and a friend of Cassie’s. In this second season, he continues to try to catch Megan, now he is extra attentive to Cassie, but he may have – SPOILER ALERT – become another victim of the wave of deaths that always surrounds our heroine.

In an electrifying episode leading up to next week’s grand finale, Shane is (was) leading the investigation until he was stabbed by Grace St John (Mae Martin). What will happen to the most elegant of them all in The Flight Attendant?

The actor comes from Broadway and has participated in the series The Carrie Diaries, The MentalistWeeds, and Law and Order -LA, and have been dedicated since 2005 to the project to help children in Uganda, the UgandaProject together with his husband and partner, Matt Gould.

But it’s as Shane West that Griffin has won fans around the world, who is more than a great friend of Cassie’s, but a partner with a bond and empathy that is genuinely a beautiful friendship. Next week we’ll know Shane’s fate, but here’s my record: I love Shane!

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