I didn’t like the conclusion of The Flight Attendant

I’m worried about my reaction to The Flight Attendant season 2 finale. The hopeful conclusion disappointed me, I felt as dependent on chaos as our dear Cassie Bowden (Kaley Cuoco).

Okay, I already gave the spoiler, but I waited days to avoid it. I will reflect on what displeased me.

First, a happy ending for Cassie? Not even that many deaths. It was forced. Of course, it relieved me that poor Shane West (Griffin Matthews) had escaped, but honestly, there was little doubt that he would. After such interesting episodes, The Flight Attendant suffered from a Game-of-Thrones-Finale effect: a lot of desire to subvert expectations and weighing in the hand of solutions without a head or tail.

The struggle for sobriety, which was the backdrop for the season, was a sensitive and interesting angle, but they populated Cassie’s universe with so many crimes and murders that eight episodes would never be enough. Megan Briscoe’s (Rosie Perez) plot solution, for now, was as expected, as was the relationship between Annie and Max (Zosia Mamet and Deniz Akdeniz), as well as Sharon Stone‘s tip as Cassie’s cruel mother, Lisa Bowden.

However, on the side of crimes, there was a lot of confusion and that was left open, even with the apparent conclusion. As much as it urges us to discard any connection to reality, The Flight Attendant‘s trip was lost on multiplying the McGuffins and – somehow – diminishing the hopeful ending they chose to close (including the wedding and the reference that Annie and Max are the new Hart to Hart).

A pity, because the series is amazing. The space for a third dose is super clear, does it hold?

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