Only Murders in the Building didn’t come back at the same pace

The first season of Only Murders in the Building was so much fun, with innovative episodes and a humorous look at the trend of content creators exploiting crimes and biographies for money and relevance. And of course, help solve the crime, if possible. The chemistry between Martin Short and Steve Martin was already legendary, but they approved of Selena Gomez joining the gang, forming a successful trio. They’re back right where they left off, but now they don’t engage. I mean, let’s see the next episodes, but it wasn’t promising.

We ended the first phase with the assassination of Bunny Folger, the chairman of the housing council at Arconia, who was not sympathetic to the podcast, let alone the three nosy neighbors.
Charles (Steve Martin), Oliver (Martin Short), and Mabel (Selena Gomez). They lead the list of suspects but are unable to abandon the podcast. Now, unmasking the killer is more than a hobby.

It doesn’t help that the three’s personal lives are also so messed up, becoming the main topic of the competing podcast only makes it worse.

In the United States they have already released 3 episodes, and in Brazil 2, but here’s the tip: go without expectations. They are in an absurd campaign for Selena Gomez‘s nomination for the Emmy as Best Actress, an absurd exaggeration precisely for the only one who never even makes us smile. The costumes, however, are again super interesting!

The New York Times negatively evaluates all second seasons of hits, plus Only Murders in the Building, including Hacks, Russian Doll, and The Flight Attendant as examples of stalled when trying to render eight episodes on top of a weak argument. I agree. Although the arguments for a series of 6 or 8 episodes of 20 minutes, when before the average was 10 or 13 out of 45, stayed on the receipt of the pandemic, it is actually short-lived brand exhaustion. A pity indeed! This way, we lose engagement and curiosity…

But make no mistake, I will follow the season, nevertheless! Hope it gets better.

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