Only Murders in the Building heads to the third season

A few weeks ago I complained about the lack of rhythm in the 2nd season of Only Murders in the Building. I apologize. Although I still don’t like Selena Gomez‘s performance and the premise that there are still murderers in Arconia, the series remains brilliant in its narrative.

The crime to solve is the one that closed season 1, that of the bad-tempered landlady, Bunny, who broke into Mabel’s (Selena Gomez) apartment and died in her arms before revealing who did it. Bunny’s unpopularity doesn’t help as it only adds to the list of suspects.

Who holds the formula with a more than sensational performance is Martin Short, who like Oliver is the soul of the podcast and the series. The “flashback” episode that takes the cast to the 1970s was well edited, well positioned, and guaranteed surprises and drama. Of course, always laughs too. I give my hand to the paddle because the series is playing with our perceptions again, pretending (or not?) that the repetition of the formula can solve the crime (or bring us a surprise).

Anyway, little by little we discover more about the past of each of them, like the unexpected visit of Charles’ stepdaughter (Steve Martin) or the actor’s connection with the building, always at unexpected moments, always giving us empathy.

We are far from solving the murder of the moment, but with the certainty that it will not be the last, after all, Starplus has confirmed that there will be a third season in 2023. With so many (deserved) Emmy nominations, Arconia will soon have its show on Discovery ID in addition to the podcast. After all, how many murders can happen in such a short time? Only in New York!


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