The tension behind the calm of The White Lotus

The second episode of The White Lotus reinforced, as expected, the beauty of Sicily, with stunning images of the hotel and surroundings. But few of the guests are really enjoying the place, which is a thoughtful irony, of course.

We are still in the first 48 hours of the arrival of the guests, but we have noticed some crises.

Tanya McQuoid (Jenniffer Coolidge) and her husband, Greg, are in trouble, somewhat obvious given her narcissism. The island tour was supposed to be romantic, but Greg seems to be at the limit of his patience. The effect of tension ripples to Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), who would have to remain hidden from the couple but who constantly bumps into the two. Tanya believes that Greg is hiding something from her, but in theory, she would be doing the same. The bet that Greg is one of the bodies found grows, but I still stick to my version.

There are two characters missing that we haven’t found yet, but Lucia (Simona Tabasco) and Mia (Beatrice Grannò) managed, to Valentina’s (Sabrina Impacciatore) annoyance, to get permission to ride the White Lotus, thanks to Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli). Incidentally, Dominic is a man clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and who explicitly asks the girls not to “extrapolate” on hotel expenses, which Lucia and Mia obviously ignore. Yes, the other current is that the two are the bodies found at the beginning of the season. But I don’t agree.

Albie’s (Adam DiMarco) docility may be revealed as a facade when it becomes clearer to him that Portia isn’t interested in him. The assistant has been leaning on Albie as an alternative and Tanya’s escape, but things can get mixed up… for him. And the result inside White Lotus is never good.

So back to my main suspects: Cameron and Daphne Sullivan (Theo James and Meghann Fahy) and Ethan and Harper Spiller (Will Sharpe and Aubrey Plaza). Things between the couples are less aggressive, with Harper making more of an effort even if she doesn’t disguise it at all. We have the information (and we see him screaming in the background) that Cameron has his tantrums and is mad that his lost luggage was sent to the United States instead of Italy. He sneaks up on Harper in the water, without her noticing, and confesses that it’s important to him that she likes him, but doesn’t go into details. The sexual tension between them is obvious, especially since Harper and Ethan don’t have sex at all. Their union, which she sees as solid because they are honest, is far from a happy marriage. I still think it is from this quartet that the victims (plural) will come out at the end of the stay.

So it was an episode that seemed to advance very little, but that already defined a map of several danger zones.


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