White Lotus is back and I already have a theory for the murder

The White Lotus was one of the great successes of the pandemic, deservedly awarded with its acid, uncomfortable, and politically incorrect humor. Given this, we saw the birth of a franchise of a worldwide chain of luxury resorts – which gives the series its name – where the staff and guests are nothing less than walking nightmares. And yes WE START WITH A CRIME, returning in a week to deduce: the victim (s), the murderer (s), how, when, and why, without forgetting possible witnesses.

The formula is the same and to keep us connected, we have two characters back: Tanya McQuoid (Jenniffer Coolidge) and her husband, Greg, who she met last season. Yes, their relationship remains bizarre and Tanya – always the narcissist – remains disconnected from the drama that surrounds her, including the fact that there was a White Lotus Hawaii murder, clearly muffled because no guest (even the Americans) even mentions what happened. The hotel staff is still stressed to give the best service to guests, with a manager that borders on passive-aggressive in her English translation, families in crisis, young people discovering each other, couples sharing the trip and rooms, and a breathtaking scenario.

As in the first season, the first scene brings us two people who have just arrived at the place, full of dreams, and bump into one of the outgoing guests. In this case, Daphne Sullivan (Meghann Fahy) is a beautiful American who, when taking one last dive, bumps into a floating body. Like manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) we are soon informed that there is more than one body, in an apparent mass suicide or murder-suicide. It’s more than the 1st round, in which it was just a body, at the end of the story, of White Lotus manager Armond (Murray Bartlett). So Valentina is safe, but who is dead?

Let’s theorize now!!! Watch out for SPOILERS.

We’ve already been introduced to the season’s main dramas: Tanya and Greg are going through a crisis (she suspects infidelity) and can’t live without her assistant, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), who is under great strain in her toxic relationship with her boss.

The Di Grasso are father, grandfather, and grandson traveling without female companions to “find ancestors in a town near the resort”. They are rich and complex. Michael Imperioli is Dominic, a man who pays for the services of young girls for sex and who is still trying to “save the marriage”. He is indifferent to his father and son, his companions on this trip. Bert Di Grasso (F. Murray Abraham) is an old man who hasn’t learned that customs have changed, harassing young people left and right, to the shame of his seemingly sweet and sensitive grandson, Albie (Adam DiMarco). Although they cause embarrassment, I don’t see the Di Grassos as potential victims. Yet.

We haven’t run into Quentin (Tom Hollander) and his son Jack (Leo Woodhall) yet, so they don’t look suspicious to me either. Young Lucia (Simona Tabasco) and Mia (Beatrice Grannò) are Valentina’s despair and source of trouble, but for now, I don’t put them as suspects.

Do you know who’s left? The perfect couple. The aforementioned Daphne finds the bodies and is therefore saved, but there is still her husband, Cameron Sullivan (Theo James), his college friend, Ethan Spiller (Will Sharpe), and his cynical wife, Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza). Harper and Cameron openly antagonize an unsuspecting Daphne and an embarrassed Ethan. Harper doesn’t understand how there’s anything that could link Ethan to Cameron other than financial interest, while also appearing to have sexual tension with the man he loathes (Cameron).

I’ll nail my theory here and follow if I keep it: Ethan and Cameron are college ex-boyfriends, posing as straight to the world and their women who don’t even suspect their relationship. The trip to Sicily together is risky and they have something to settle between them, but the wives don’t know. Cameron, handsome and always looking for adventures, will seduce Harper for fun, and hang out with Lucia and Mia, but will finally be confronted by an Ethan who kills him, but also dies, in an accident on the beach.

The theory is still flawed because we only saw the 1st episode, but it seems possible from what I saw in the trailers and the poster, which places the two couples above the title, next to Jenniffer Coolidge. If it changes, I’ll post it here.

Am I right?


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