The White Lotus: the construction of doubts

The narrative of The White Lotus works with the element of suspense in a calm situation, leaving us anxious and curious even when “little” seems to happen. Remembering that there is a crime with more than one victim, in an apparent suicide, we can only rule out two characters so far, with everyone else in the long and strange list of victims. We’re halfway through the season and I’m still firm on my bet, even with the series wanting to take it in another direction.

Tanya McQuoid (Jenniffer Coolidge) is still suspicious that her husband, Greg, is cheating on her, and in his absence, she was discovered and seduced by a group of gay men who were visiting The White Lotus. She tops many fans’ suspect lists, but I dismiss her. Tanya has only been unlucky on two trips, but her narcissism protects her somewhat. I think she and Greg will still get along, but we have to find out if this group of new friends is going to play tricks on her.

Indecisive Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) is in a devious game with sweet Albie (Adam DiMarco), leaving him for the aggressive and seductive Tom (Leo Woodhall), who, like his “uncle” (Tom Hollander), seems overly interested in her. Portia and Tanya. Although she had induced Albie to believe in her interest, Portia had already warned her that the fact that he was “a good boy” alienated her more than helped him, even when he tried to be more assertive. Once again, who gets in his way is Lucia (Simona Tabasco), hired by the boy’s father, Dominic Di Grasso (Michael Imperioli), who will not be happy to see the two in a relationship.

Although these confusions point to Lucia becoming a victim – she herself warned that prostitutes always end up badly – it’s just a distraction. In the same way that Valentina’s (Sabrina Impacciatore) advances on her subordinate do not seem to me to be revealing. Valentina survives, as does Daphne (Meghann Fahy), so I’m still betting on the foursome as the season’s source of drama.

Cameron Sullivan (Theo James) has an odd relationship with his wife. The facade of perfection hides mutual betrayals and the “kidnapping” of Harper (Audrey Plaza) was evident. Only without the presence of his wife that Ethan (Will Sharpe) was free to be alone with Cameron, who got him drunk and hired the call girls (Lucia and Mia) for a night out for four. As we saw, Ethan remained faithful to Harper, rejecting Mia (Beatrice Grannò), but as the wife found a used condom in their room, we know as well as she that something happened there.

My theory is that Cameron and Ethan have an old, conflicted connection, and the new millionaire keeps this secret from his wife. The fact that Cameron lay in his bed and “played” that he wanted to get inside him wasn’t subtle. I’m warning you! In an interview with Variety, actor Will Sharpe disguises it, but hints that there’s more to Ethan than we’ve seen so far. “Your opinion of him and your suspicions about him will change from episode to episode and from scene to scene. Once he gets to the end, it becomes clearer who he is,” he told the mag. “Ethan must be hard to pin down, so there’s room for you to guess. In a way, he’s the right man for three very funny personalities around him. At some point, that changes and you start to get a deeper sense of everything he’s running away from or carrying around in previous episodes,” he warns.

Clearly, Cameron is after Ethan’s money and his lack of sex with Harper adds to the tension of the foursome vacation. The big secret of the season revolves around this dynamic. That said, the possibility that Dominic will “explode” and have at least Lucia as a victim is not implausible, but because it is more “obvious” I rule it out.

There are 4 episodes to go, we still won’t have the answer before the final episode, but at least we know that The White Lotus network will have one more “accident” to cover up, after all, with the 3rd season confirmed, we know that neither Hawaii nor Sicily will be in the plot. Where will the next resort be?

See the promo for episode 5

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