Stevie Nicks’ signature fashion

The arrival of Daisy Jones and The Six will revive interest in the story of Stevie Nicks and the band Fleetwood Mac. Anyone who reads this blog might suspect how much of a Stevie fan I am. The disguise was never intentional! (laughter)

In addition to being a songwriter of rock classics, Stevie also has a unique visual signature. Fine tunics, shawls, hats, boots, and chiffon are staples in her wardrobe. Stevie always knew what she wanted, but she didn’t create it all by herself. He worked with designer Margi Kent in the 1970s to create his signature. The vocalist says she loves the style of the Victorian era, but I don’t see the modest side of the time in her, no. No wonder they say she invented the bohemian chic style.

When Fleetwood Mac broke out in the United States, in the 1970s, Stevie collaborated with Margi, who even today has a clothing line that reflects the partnership. The two met in Los Angeles, where Margi already had her atelier. “I specialize in creating unique custom designs for any occasion,” Margi explained in an interview a few years ago. “In my Los Angeles studio, we translate your clothing needs into personal style with beautifully fitted, quality garments that are part of timeless fashion. My most notable work is my costume design and styling for stage, film, and music artists,” she commented.

Inspired by Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix, it started with the bohemian style that became popular and represented by light and floating fabrics. The vocalist wanted this because, as a former dancer, she wanted to accentuate her movements. Hats – top hats – also completed the look, alongside many necklaces. Short in stature, Stevie likes platform boots (in velvet) and lots of shawls. By the way, if we can associate a single element with Stevie’s style, it’s the shawls. It’s never without one, on stage or off. It pays double homage to her Native American heritage and her grandmother, who was a weaver. Gradually, lace and wavy elements were introduced. And the poncho – another common style in her clothes – came from a gift from an ex-boyfriend, which she started to adopt in 1979.

Margi has also worked with the other members of the band, including Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham as well as artists such as Neil Diamond, George Harrison, Gladys Knight, and Gloria Gaynor.

From bohemian, Stevie went through the hair and jewelry excesses of the 1980s but also became a symbol of the “witch” style. So much so that she was invited and participated in the American Horror Story as a witch, because her hats and scarves continue to “bewitch” her fans. It also helps that in recent years he has almost always appeared in black.

One of Stevie and Margi’s geniuses was to invent of a timeless look: from when she was in her early 20s until today, over 70, the vocalist has a unique look that does not follow any other trend, being the symbol of rock and individuality.

“I have to have a uniform, and I’ve always been like that. When we started, midi length was really in fashion. It was the boots and the midi skirts, so you looked really long and tall even if you were short. And then my skirts started out really long, like, almost down to my ankles. And they’ve gone up and down over the years,” she told The New Yorker, adding, “And I have them all. So I have the “Stevie skirt” in any length possible,” he laughed.

All of the clothes worn by Stevie, and without exaggeration, they are ALL, are stored in a temperature-controlled vault. That’s right, the complete catalog. The idea is to leave an inheritance to godchildren and friends. I already dream of an exhibition! She deserves it!


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