The love between Mandalorians?

The Internet is already shipping and I’m on the boat: Bo Katan and Din Djarin! And Grogu has it all figured out, apparently giving it the thumbs up…

But let’s go back to the episode, much denser than the previous ones from The Mandalorian.

Right after rescuing Mando – for the second time – Bo Katan (who is intimate with him, calling him by his first name), she is still surprised by what she saw in the waters, the mythosaur, one of the things she considered to be just a legend. For some reason, she still decides not to exchange this information with him, but there is no shortage of obvious hints from the universe that signal a greater connection between the couple. After going looking for her, and asking her for help, Mando is finally ‘renamed’ and tells “Bo” that he owes her. You can say that twice, right?

Bo jokes that he would invite him to dinner, but knows he can’t take his helmet off anymore so the two keep their promise. Not so much, they are attacked by surprise and the princess’s palace was destroyed, so she is “obliged” to go with “Din”, of whom she is obviously a fan. To help, she is also affectionate and trusted by Grogu. Accepting his suggestion to be respectful of the Children of the Watch, she is accepted as one of them as she too has swam in the living waters of Mandalore and is clean. She claims she doesn’t follow the rules, but will she believe after what she’s seen?

She is certainly planning to return to Mandalore and tame the mythosaur, but let’s go back to the moments that made fans ship the couple that would give Grogu a mother. First, the connection of the two. Bo Katan, who would not take the dark saber from Din Djarin, so as not to challenge him. But when Grogu comes back for help, she doesn’t waste a single second in answering. After saving Din, she STAYS, and takes a “tour” through the ruins, telling her childhood stories and legends. Din also knows things, soon fishes the admiration she had for her father, and says that he would like to have known him, after all, that he died protecting Mandalore, being moved. Bo Katan? Well, even Grogu gets the vibe. She makes dinner for both of them and again, without blinking, she saves Din from drowning. Seriously, it goes without saying that she has a crush on him. Nobody’s to blame, by the way.

But while Bo Katan and Din Djarin aren’t officially a couple, the story took a darker, Andor-esque turn. We meet again the scientist and former lieutenant, Pershing, who helped Din and his allies to rescue Grogu from Mof Gideon, now amnestied and trying to fit in. But clearly, there’s an undercurrent of the Empire still at work and not only steals the cloning material he’s set aside, but it also brainwashes him. Obviously, there will be twists, but can we dream of a family and a partner for the Mandalorian? What about Bo Katan? I’m shipping it!


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