The number of episodes of House of the Dragon worries fans

The news from Deadline that reports that there was a change of plans in the planning of the second season of House of the Dragon took fans by surprise and triggered conflicting emotions still raw in regards to the final stretch of Game of Thrones. Site editor Nellie Andreeva exclusively divulges that sources assure her that – to secure a third season – the second will be shorter, down from 10 episodes to 8. Does that mean IMDB is wrong? Exactly.

The information is still unofficial, it doesn’t come from HBO directly, but the Deadline website has been right so it’s almost a confirmation. While the expectation of more hours, especially after the long wait, is understandable, there are several aspects to this news. One: it demonstrates the platform’s willingness to slow down the narrative so it can stay on the air longer, which can be a good thing. A similar strategy generated serious problems in Game of Thrones, which debuted with a six-season plan, and after much discussion with the showrunners ended up extending another season and a half (the seventh and eighth had fewer episodes), but it still seemed like little.

On the other hand, given the high production costs of a story involving multiple dragons, as well as grandiose and bloody battles, CGI is essential and expensive. All platforms – especially HBO – have reviewed previous releases and franchise plans, only renewing with immediate and positive results, no longer betting on flexibility. That is, having fewer episodes demonstrates care with House of the Dragon so that the eight episodes have quality and that they support the plans for more seasons ahead.

We as fans, a lot like George R.R. Martin, always speak from a consumer perspective: he wanted Game of Thrones with 10 seasons, just as he says House of the Dragon deserves four. The negative experience of GOT, which did not reach the 10 that HBO and the author wanted, fuels the decision to have fewer episodes now and maintain the longevity of the brand. If everyone has around 1h or a little more than that, we will still be close to the 10h imagined for the season. I accept.

What Reddit highlights is the turmoil behind the scenes and at the helm of the franchise, marked by the abrupt departure of showrunner Miguel Shapochnik and the delay in the start of filming (scheduled to have started in early March and not yet confirmed now that we have reached April).

Apart from all that, for those who have read the book and know the story, the game of theorizing how the story will be distributed starts again. I’ve already tried it myself, but it was thinking in 10 episodes and using the fast pace of Season 1, which covered more than 20 years in 10 episodes.

“With a portion of the plot originally planned for Season 2, including a major battle, moving into Season 3, I have heard that the series is now more likely to run for four seasons, but this has not been determined as Condal and Martin continue the show. goes back and forth over the number of seasons (three or four) that would be ideal to tell the full story,” the publisher commented.

That “great battle”, fans and experts alike agree, would be the death of Jacaerys Velaryon, leaving Rhaenys dead and Daemon taking Harrenhal in the next step. I’m going to rethink my theory. For now, I like the suggestion from user u/themediatorfriend:

Episode 1: Jace in the Vale, Reactions to Luke’s Death, Daemon Takes Harrenhall. “A son for a son” letter, “Ah yes, our brother Daeron who exists”

Episode 2: Winterfell Performances, B&C Construction, and Brutal Bounty.

Episode 3: Sack of Silk Street, More Winterfell, Riverlands Politics.

Episode 4: Blackwood vs. Battle of Bracken, Houses Declared for Black, Triarchy/Green Alliance, Criston Replaces Otto, Covenant of Ice and Fire.

Episode 5: Duel of the Twins, Rook’s Rest (may be moved to later), Manderly Alliance.

Episode 6: Rhaenyra/Corlys misunderstanding and make-up, children adopted for safety, Dragonseeds plan formulated, they join the dragons.

Episode 7: Plan to invade King’s Landing, Battle of Honeywine.

Episode 8: Rhaenyra takes King’s Landing, Aemond takes Harrenhall.

What do you think?


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