House of the Dragon spoilers

We have more than a year to go before we return to Westeros, but we have plenty of material to consider as a basis for the second season of House of the Dragon, using the Fire and Blood book as a base and anticipating what will happen with Rhaenyra, her children and her family, as well as her enemies.

Based on the division made in Season 1, I drew a possibility. There will be no advance in time, but a lot will happen. SPOILER ALERT, although it’s a theory.

Episode 1

The Greens’ reaction to Lucerys’ death at the hands of Aemond. The despair of Alicent Hightower and Otto asking his grandson “how could you have been so blind”. However, Aegon’s feast for the “good start”. In Dragonstone, Daemon leads the revenge by triggering Mysaria, who survived the attempt on her life and now supports the Blacks. She hires Blood and Cheese. Jacaerys meets and enlists Jeyne Arryn’s support for the blacks. He heads to Winterfell.
The assassins take Alicent hostage and attack Helaena and her children, killing the 6-year-old Prince Jahaerys and taking his head with them.

Episode 2

Aegon is furious at the news of his son’s death, promising even greater violence in response. While Cheese is no longer seen, Blood is found on the little prince’s head. He is arrested and tortured by Ser Larys, at Alicent’s request. He counts all the names before he is killed. Helaena goes crazy and starts to reject her children, especially Maelor. because of having chosen him to die. Alicent now hates Rhaenyra for the cruelty of her grandson’s murder. Meanwhile, In Winterfell, Jace and Cregan Stark get along and swear a pact between their houses.

Episode 3

The Battle of Burning Mill and the defeat at Stone Hedge. Two important fights that involve several families of Westeros, highlighting Allysanne Blackwood, the Black Aly. Daemon’s intervention with Caraxes is paramount to House Bracken’s victory and securing Riverlands for the Blacks. War is now balanced between Greens and Blacks.

Episode 4

Aegon’s impatience with his grandfather Otto Hightower, who is trying to forge political alliances, reaches its limit. He wants action. “Thrones are won with swords, not quills. Spill blood, not paint,” he demands, annoyed when he learns that Daemon has taken Harrenhall. Lord Ormund Hightower is called in to help. The alliance with Tyrosh, Lys, and Myr is created to fight the Velaryons, but before he can act, Otto is replaced by Ser Criston Cole. “My new Hand is steel fist. We’re done with writing letters,” says Aegon. It is the “I choose Violence” of the Greens.

Episode 5

It’s the episode “The Greens Strike Back”. Ser Criston’s plan is to answer Blood and Cheese in the same fashion and outline the plan that involves the Cargyll brothers. With that, we will have a duel between the twins. An iconic moment in Game of Thrones history. Additionally, offensive plans on land led by Ser Criston include the taking of Dukensdale and the siege of Rook’s Rest. Lord Staunton asks Dragonstone for help.

Episode 6

The Battle of Rook’s Rest. Rhaenyra, still traumatized by Luce’s death, refuses to send her children into combat and Rhaenys alone responds to Lord Staunton’s cry for help. She has the upper hand in battle, but it was a trap set by Ser Criston, and she is soon surrounded by Aegon and Aemond on their dragons. The three face each other in the sky, fatally. Aegon is badly wounded (burned and broken), but Meleys and Rhaenys die in the confrontation.

Episode 7

Aegon’s suffering and is removed from the Iron Throne, setting Aemond’s rise as regent. The North prepares to descend to Riverland, in response to the pact made with Jacaerys and the allegiance sworn to Rhaenyra. Ser Corlys and Rhaenyra have a falling out, but Jace eases the conflict, with Corlys becoming the Queen’s Hand. Joffrey and Rhaella fly to the Vale, as part of the prince’s protection and Jace’s promised help. He and Baella prepare to lead the next battle. She wants to get married soon, but they decide to wait. The blacks plan to take Aegon III and Viserys out of Dragonstone as protection and invade King’s Landing with the dragons. Rhaenyra still hesitates.

Episode 8

The search for the new “dragon riders”, the “seeds”, which are the Targaryen bastards that live in Dragonstone. Enter Nettles, Ulf the White, Ulf the Sot, Alyn, and Addam the Hull. They tame the dragons and now the blacks will be unbeatable in the air.

Episode 9

The Greens gained support from the Triarchy, increasing their advantage at sea. They attack the vessel where Aegon III and Viserys were on their way to Pentos and Jace discovers that only Aegon escaped the attack, flying on his dragon, but that Viserys was captured by the enemies. Then the battle of the Gullet takes place, where the Triarchy ends, but Jacaerys dies.

Episode 10

Hugh and Ulf display dangerous ambition and Nettle turns away from them. Daeron Targaryen, the youngest son of Alicent and Viserys, who was in Old Town separated from his brothers, saves Ser Ormund Hightower. The news of Jace’s death turns a shaken and saddened Rhaenyra into a cold, bloodthirsty woman who sets out to end the Greens. No matter the cost.

End of the season.

What do you think?


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