Polly Gray’s destiny in Peaky Blinders (theories)

My heart is still broken for Helen McCroy‘s tragic and sudden death. I had posted before, a few theories about the outcome of the upcoming last season. I am forced to review them.

We can regret even more that due the pandemic, the shooting of the last season had to be delayed and therefore we are unsure whether Helen McCrory is going to be (briefly) in it or not. Since the actress gave interviews up to few weeks ago, I am hoping we will get to say a proper goodbye to her and Polly Walker.

Helen’s death leaves a hole on Peaky Blinders quite relevant, since Polly Gray was pivotal to the Shelby’s destiny. Let’s speculate a bit.

Polly’s relationship with Tommy Shelby is the heart of the business as well as the Shelby family.

Apparently, Tommy didn’t come clean to his aunt about his real plan against Oswald Osley and the last we saw the two together, she resigned from it all. Her plan was to finally to live a love affair and marriage. She is unaware that her fiancée, Aberama Gold, is plotting with her nephew and was one of the fatal victims of the big unsolved betrayal.


How much was Polly really on or not about what was going on?

There are two major questions to be answered: who betrayed Tommy and more importantly, who would Polly side with? Her son, Michael or her nephew, Tommy?

Polly have supported Tommy despite her personal views and pains, throughout, however, she is blinded by mother’s love and had made some questionable choices in order to put Michael first. She’s not fond of Gina and Michael can underestimate his mother’s cleverness.

On my list of potential traitors, Polly is not included. Besides being loyal to Tommy, albeit hurt, she would never help the man who had her fiancé’s son killed. Polly is in lobe with Aberama. Now, considering that Helen McCroy was able to shoot a few scenes, in order to conclude Polly’s fate, I see few options:

  • Polly was not bluffing, she really REALLY resigned the Shelbys and is simply gone, not to be back
  • Polly, who clearly didn’t side her daughter-in-law, Gina Grayhelps Tommy to get his revenge. I do bet on Gina being the traitor.
  • Gina Gray, as the traitor is busted by Polly and kills her to avoid being caught;
  • Polly will be another causality in Oswald and Tommy’s war. Being killed just to hurt Tommy even more;
  • Polly seems to be gone, only to return one last time to avenge Aberama’s murder. And then, say goodbye to the Peaky Blinders.

Which one you you think could work best?


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