Reddit spoilers, now complete

I was gradually sharing the so-called “leaks” on Reddit that would be right about how the first season of House of the Dragon was going to prepare the narrative of the story. There is an 80% hit, other things were different. Since it’s over 50%, I’ll share everything here. So spoilers alerts are essential.

Let’s go to the next episodes before we talk about the first 3. The description of the 4th is completely in line with what we saw in the trailer.

Episode 4

A fight breaks out among Rhaenyra’s many suitors. One of the Brackens is killed.

Daemon returns as King of the Steps to reconcile with his brother (that scene in the trailer where he’s wearing full armor and a crown). Alicent and Rhaenyra take care of their lost friendship while Alicent is taking care of baby Helaena. Daemon flirts with Rhaenyra, leading her through the secret passages to the Flea Bottom. They watch people having sex in the brothel. When they start imitating them, Daemon stops and leaves. A still “horny” Rhaenyra goes to Criston and convinces him to sleep with her. A spy working for Mysaria observes everything and word gets to the King. Despite Rhaenyra’s denials that she slept with Daemon, Daemon is exiled from the court for ‘spoiling’ the princess. Rhaenyra agrees to marry Laenor on the condition that Otto is removed as Hand.

Episode 5

Lord Lyonel Strong is appointed as the new Hand of the King. Lady Rhea Royce, Daemon’s wife, dies in an accident. Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding is set to take place in Driftmark. The bride and groom agree (before the wedding) to ‘make an heir and then go about their lives as they please’. Larys tells Alicent that Rhaenyra was given moon tea. She is shocked and makes Criston admit that he slept with Rhaenyra “by accident”. At her stepdaughter’s wedding, the Queen wears a shade of green, which demonstrates the old war banners of her House. Daemon is still allowed in Driftmark. He flirts with Rhaenyra and Laena as well. Ser Joffrey Lonmouth is killed by Criston after Joffrey tells him that he knows about the moon tea. Criston confesses his sins in a sacred grove and prepares to commit suicide. Alicent finds him praying and saves his life. Rhaenyra and Laenor’s wedding is a very rushed ceremony, but also peaceful after all the chaos.

Episode 6

10-year time jump

Jace and Luke (Rhaenyra’s children) were born on this time skip. Daeron (Viserys and Alicent’s youngest) is a page boy in Oldtown and will be off-screen this season. Joffrey Velaryon (Laenor and Rhaenyra’s youngest) is introduced to the King and Queen. Alicent softly tells Laenor ‘keep trying, you might get one that looks like you’. Harwin Strong is present as Jace and Luke choose an egg for the baby. Rhaenyra proposes a reconciliation deal to Alicent, suggesting a marriage between one of her children and Helaena while also offering Aemond a Syrax egg. Alicent is suspicious of her and refuses. Aegon, Jacaerys, and Lucerys intimidate Aemond for not having a dragon, who tries to claim Dreamfyre (Helaena’s future dragon) but is burned. Alicent is furious with Jace and Luke for this, as well as with Aegon. She visits Aegon and tells him to change his behavior as one day he will be king. Daemon and Laena are happily married with 2 daughters and fly together, but then Laena dies giving birth to one of her children. Harwin Strong and Ser Criston fight, causing Harwin to be exiled and returned to his home in Harrenhal. However, a fire in Harrenhal kills the Strongs, Hand of the King, and Harwin. In her grief, Jacaerys asks her mother if Harwin was really her father when they are alone and she tells him the truth. Rhaenyra’s family then settles in Dragonstone to live away from the rumors.

Episode 7

Laena’s funeral in Driftmark. Daemon and Rhaenyra begin an affair while Laenor is still alive. Rhaena, daughter of Laena, wants to claim Vhagar to honor her mother’s memory. At the funeral, Aemond claims Vhagar and the fight breaks out between Jace, Luke, Baela, Rhaena, and Aemond. The prince has his eye cut out. After being told about this, Alicent rushes to Rhaenyra with the Valyrian steel dagger (in the trailer) and ends up accidentally slashing Rhaenyra’s face. Rhaenyra laughs and says, “It was exhausting, wasn’t it? keep that facade for so long.” Alicent later regrets it during a conversation with Otto, where it must be the “We play an ugly game, you have the determination to win” scene from the teaser. Laenor fights Qarl Correy and Rhaenyra and Corlys find their bodies after they kill each other in combat. Rhaenyra and Daemon are married in an elaborate Valyrian ceremony that involves blood rites of making an extremely deep cut while their souls are joined.

Episode 8

A few years old time-jump, Aegon the Younger and Viserys the Younger (children of Rhaenyra and Daemon) were born, as were the children of Aegon and Helaena (grandchildren of Viserys I and Alicent). Viserys I is bedridden and Alicent has control of the Court. Aegon is having sex with his sister-wife’s maids and Alicent slaps her son when she finds out. And forces the maid to drink moon tea so she doesn’t get pregnant. She apologizes to her daughter, Helaena, for having to marry her brother and live with the betrayals. Corlys is near death after a battle with the Kingdom of the Three Daughters. Vaemond Velaryon, brother of Corlys (whom we saw in the Battle of the Stepstones), calls himself the next Lord of the Tides, as he claims that Laenor had no heirs (alluding to Rhaenyra’s children being bastards). However, Rhaenys makes a counterclaim saying that if Corlys dies, their granddaughter Baela would be the rightful heir, as she is his daughter’s daughter. Her lingering resentment over the Harrenhall grand council is mentioned. Rhaenyra and Daemon insist that all of their children are legitimate and that since Jace will be king of the Iron Throne someday, Lucerys should have Driftmark. Viserys surprises everyone when he appears, strong enough to get out of bed. Rhaenys and Rhaenyra combine their claims by arranging Baela’s wedding to Jace and Rhaena to Luke. An enraged Vaemond calls Rhaenyra a whore and her bastard children. Daemon executes him for treason. Alicent is terrified when told. A family feast of reconciliation is held where they are thought to finally achieve peace. Alicent toasts Rhaenyra as the future queen. Viserys returns to bed and Aemond makes a toast to the “Strong boys” after Luke embarrasses the greens by inviting Haelena to dance. As it is yet another allusion to the doubt of the boys’ paternity, a fight ensues. Rhaenyra and Daemon return to Dragonstone with their children, but Rhaenyra plans to return and make peace with Alicent. Viserys becomes ill again and talks to Alicent while high on poppy milk, thinking she is Rhaenyra and the misunderstanding makes Alicent think he is naming Aegon II as his heir with his dying breath. In fact, he’s trying to talk to Rhaenyra about his own legacy and passing the throne to Jacaerys one day. After she leaves the room, Viserys dies alone.

Episode 9

Viserys’ body is discovered and Alicent is informed of his death. Everyone at the Court is immediately arrested. Rhaenys, who is still at Court, is locked in her own chambers. The green council meets and Lord Beesbury is killed because he maintains loyalty to Rhaenyra. Alicent sends Cargyll to find Aegon, who is in a brothel in Flea Bottom, where we see he has a bastard son with a commoner. Aegon breaks down when asked to usurp the Crown. Criston convinces him to accept and Aegon concedes. As the coronation ceremony is prepared, Erryk takes advantage of the distraction to pursue his true loyalties. He helps Rhaenys escape and they steal Viserys’ crown together. She flees into Meleys and rides with Erryk after her. The masses are confused and some cry out for Rhaenyra as Aegon and Helaena ride through the streets during her coronation. Loyal lords who refuse to relinquish their oaths are purged.

Episode 10 (season finale)

Daemon tells the pregnant Rhaenyra that Viserys is dead and Aegon II has been crowned in his place. She goes into premature labor and gives birth to a twisted dragon child. Daemon uses Caraxes to force the Kingsguard at Dragonstone to swear loyalty to Rhaenyra. A funeral is held for Rhaenyra’s daughter before she puts on Viserys’ crown (which Rhaenys stole) as the true Queen. (Aegon II was crowned with the crown of Aegon I.) First Black Council is held. Otto arrives at Dragonstone with the ‘generous terms’ for Rhaenyra and her supporters to kneel before Aegon as their new king. In the deal, it says Luce can have Driftmark. Alicent sends her a page from a book she and Rhaenyra read in ep 1 to remind her of their old friendship. In the council chamber, in particular, Rhaenyra tells Daemon that she is considering peace due to the House’s responsibility to prepare for the great threat from the north, but he is furious that no one has told him before. He goes to the beach and unleashes a lifetime of emotion. Corlys finally recovers from his injuries and Rhaenys tells him everything that happened. He supports Rhaenyra as Queen. Rhaenyra and Jace also talk about the terms and Jace say he feels the Greens wouldn’t keep their word for long. Plans are made to speak with Lady Jeyne Arryn, Lord Cregan Stark, and Lord Borros Baratheon, to see who they support, and Jace and Luke volunteer to speak with them. Rhaenyra reluctantly agrees, and Daemon sings to Vermithor (Jaehaerys I’s dragon) that he will find a new knight. Lucerys arrive at Storms End, but also sees that Vhagar is present. It’s just that Aemond arrived before Luce and threateningly demands an eye “back” for the one he’s lost when young. Borros interrupts the fight between them but lets Aemond follow Luce outside. The duel between the princes and their dragons is fierce. Luce is killed with Arrax. Daemon tells Rhaenyra about Luce’s death and she has war in her eyes, season 1 finale.

(Jace, Jeyne, and Cregan are cast in Season 2 and their mission will be in the upcoming premiere)

Recapping the first three episodes and confirming the leaks so far

From the first three episodes, there are some differences, as we realized, but it was close. reminiscing.

Episode 1

Cold opening: Harrenhal Grand Council scene with the elder Rhaenyra’s narration explaining what happened.

Title credits, beginning of the episode itself nine years after the start of Viserys I’s reign. Young Rhaenyra riding Syrax over King’s Landing, returning from a ride. She lands in Dragonpit where Harrold Westerling and Alicent are waiting for her. She then joins Alicent’s boat to be taken back to the castle. Rhaenyra visits a pregnant Aemma before attending a council meeting where she is her father’s maid. They mainly discuss Daemon and the tournament to celebrate the queen’s pregnancy. Cut to the Red Keep garden, where Alicent and Rhaenyra study together, Rhaenyra rips out a page from ‘Ten Thousand Ships’. Alicent will send this page to Rhaenyra at the end of the season, with the terms of negotiation.

Viserys visit Aemma, who is in the bath, and they discuss their unborn child. He tells of his dream of a son on the Iron Throne with the crown of Aegon the Conqueror. Cut to Daemon getting ready in some barracks, with the City Watch raiding criminal spots around Flea Bottom. Cut to morning, Viserys is informed of Daemon mouthing the little council. Otto clearly despises him. It’s all very tense. A little later, Daemon sits on the throne as Rhaenyra approaches. They converse in High Valyran and he presents her with a Valyrian Steel pendant.

Maesters treat Viserys for a nasty cut (because of the Iron Throne), they bleed him. Daemon is in a brothel with Mysaria, but he can’t finish. People are watching them as they have sex, including Talya, a woman in Mysaria’s personal spy network who plays a role throughout the season.

Tournament starts. We see Viserys welcoming everyone and there are some photos establishing who is there (Alicent, Rhaenyra, Corlys, etc). Establishes that Aemma is in labor.

Daemon announced as the first joust, he chooses Gwayne Hightower to be his opponent and wins. Ask Alicent’s favor. Then it’s him and Criston Cole. Cole asks Rhaenyra for her favor after the victory (Alicent is a little jealous). Cole is knocked off his horse and Daemon continues the fight on the ground. Cole manages to take the Dark Sister sword from him with his, Morning Side, and wins. Daemon runs away. EDITED. In fact, Cole takes down Daemon and wins, but Daemon doesn’t run away nor is Alicent jealous.

Otto rushes to the royal box and gives Viserys the news of complications from Aemma’s birth. He leaves to see her. She is in agony and clearly, there will be no happy ending.

Back at the tournament, we see Corbray, Tully, Tarly, and the Knights of Darklyn fighting – Darklyn has his head sunk and Tully is in agony with broken bones. When this happens, Rhaenyra and Alicent walk away from the horror and see an uproar in the royal box. Rhaenyra realizes that her mother died in childbirth. We cut to Viserys in Aemma’s now-empty birthing bed, and the maester informs him that Baelon has also died. Rhaenyra sees it and runs away. EDITED. It wasn’t like that, the baby survives the birth and Rhaenyra doesn’t see anything.

Cut to the funeral on Rhaenys Hill. Rhaenyra is furious that Viserys’ insistence on having a male heir cost Aemma her life. Daemon gently encourages her to light the pyre (commanding Syrax). Back at the Red Keep, Rhaenyra falls apart in Alicent’s arms. EDIT: This scene was either cut or did not exist.

The small council meets to discuss succession, Otto suggests Rhaenyra, Corlys suggests Laenor, and some support Daemon, such as Lord Strong. Viserys angrily yells “my wife and child are dead, I will not allow the crows to come and feast on their corpses” and storms off. Otto talks to Alicent and tells her to visit Viserys later to keep him company, telling her to wear her late mother’s dress.

We see Daemon and Viserys in the throne room discussing the gods, dreams, and ambition. Viserys is visibly concerned about Daemon’s desires (divine things from being a Conqueror and Targaryen). They hug and it’s a good brotherly moment, with Daemon trying to comfort Viserys. EDIT: If it was recorded, that scene was cut.

Daemon is in the brothel and makes the “heir for a day” toast, sincerely and not as a joke, but people start laughing and that is why it will be reported as if it was a joy. EDITED: The scene is more dubious and we never hear the toast.

Alicent visits Viserys and tells him how she would like people to speak to her without riddles when her mother dies, and that she is sorry for her loss.

Otto hears about Daemon’s toast and informs Viserys at the small council. Everyone is shocked and he is furious. Daemon is taken to the throne room before Viserys and asked if what has been said is true. Daemon says that “we should all cry in our own way”. They argue and Daemon is banished to live with his wife in Runestone and declared no longer the heir (the scene in the teaser where Viserys grabs Blackfyre). Viserys and Rhaenyra talk about Targaryen power and Aegon’s dream, in front of Balerion’s altar. He informs her that she will be his heir and tells of the prophecy passed down by Aegon (White Walkers).

Alicent lovingly prepares Rhaenyra for the ceremony (Alicent’s silence looking over Rhaenyra’s shoulder in a mirror) and the Lords come to declare for Rhaenyra, including Lord Baratheon, Lord Stark, and Lord Velaryon (Corlys). Daemon watches from the back and sneaks out. It introduces a very angry Caraxes to Mysaria, in Dragonpit, and they fly together. EDIT: Daemon is not at the ceremony.

Finally, Viserys formally declares his heir, while Rhaenyra stands before the crowd, and cuts to a scene of Syrax opening his eye. EDIT: We don’t see Syrax.

Episode 2

Criston Cole is named to the Kingsguard. There is pressure for Viserys to marry. Mysaria is pregnant and Daemon tries to steal an egg from Dragonstone. Otto Hightower and the royal guard confront him in the bridge scene you can see in the trailers. Rhaenyra and Syrax help stop Daemon. Mysaria later miscarries. EDIT: Mysaria was not pregnant.

Daemon visits Corlys to vent. EDIT: It’s the other way around, at the end of the episode.

At court, Alicent’s betrothal to Viserys is announced, Rhaenyra is shocked and enraged to discover that her friend has been having private audiences with the King.

They remain friends, but there are cracks in their relationship now. Laena is upset that she was not chosen to marry Viserys. Vhagar senses her sadness and Laena claims it. EDITED: The episode ends with Rhaenyra opposing the marriage and no reaction from Laena is shown

Episode 3

3 years have passed.

Daemon is fighting Caraxes in Stepstones. Lord Jason Lannister is vying for Rhaenyra’s hand. A royal hunt is held to celebrate Child Aegon’s name day. Viserys confesses to Alicent that he has doubts about the succession. Alicent and Rhaenyra are still trying to be friends. Alicent becomes defensive when her ladies insult Rhaenyra to flatter her. Rhaenyra rides out.

Criston saves her from a wild boar. Rhaenyra savagely kills the wounded animal. Viserys finds a normal deer instead of the white deer he was looking for, seeing this as an omen that he should not change heirs. Rhaenyra and Criston see the white deer and leave it alive. Otto pressures Viserys to name Aegon’s heir, but he reaffirms that it is Rhaenyra. Viserys sends Daemon aid in the Stepstones and there is a major battle involving the soldiers Corlys, Vaemond, Laenor, Seasmoke, Velaryon, Targaryen volunteer force, against the Triarchy, and their commander Craghas Drahar is killed.

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