The Crown Season 5 Countdown

Filming for season 5 of The Crown was intense, to be polite. Some of the obstacles they encountered: pandemic, the crisis in the Royal Family, Diana‘s death anniversary (25 years old), new information about the circumstances of the important BBC interview, the scandal with Prince Andrew and his removal, birth of great-grandchildren, sibling fight, Philip‘s death, the Queen’s death, the rise of the new King, world political crisis… Lots of agenda for seasons 7, 8, 9, and 10!

Charles III may try to ignore the force of the series, but even as “fiction”, it has an undeniable impact on the life and perception of the British Monarchy. In a karmic timing, after “waiting” 50 years, he assumes the Crown when the series portrays one of the worst periods of his personal life, with the end of his marriage to Diana and all the gossip of almost 30 years ago. It won’t be easy…

We know that Season 5 is going to cover the annus horribilis and address a lot of sensitive things. Unsurprisingly, even behind the scenes, it was scenes of Elizabeth Debicki as the Princess of Wales that were shot most often. Although we are just over 30 days away from the premiere, this week the images of the accident that took Diana’s life should be recorded in Barcelona, ​​which was to be recorded precisely in the week of the Queen’s death.

Confirming The Crown‘s airing in 2022 also positions Netflix with weighty content in the awards. Yeah… we’re back to “normal”!

So far, we’ve only had three official photos from the season, but in the coming weeks, we’ll have the trailer and more images.

Below is our countdown!



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The Crown – Season 5 Countdown


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