Learn more about the women of the new phase of House of the Dragon – 1

After imagining how the second season of House of the Dragon could be, based on the formula used for the first, we have already anticipated some characters that we will have to be linked to.

Naturally, Cregan Stark will be a big name for this stage and we’ll visit the North and Riverlands. There will be no lack of important characters and situations. And women. Let’s anticipate some.

As we know, Jacaerys, Rhaenyra’s eldest son, was given the most difficult mission as a messenger. He’ll bump into some fascinating women.

The controversial Lady Jeyne Arryn

Rhaenyra’s relative on her mother’s side, Lady Jeyne Arryn will be a strong, fluid, and somewhat controversial woman. She has already been mentioned in House of the Dragon, at the wedding of Rhaenyra and Laenor Velaryon, when Daemon Targaryen is confronted about the death of his 1st wife. Did you notice?

Jeyne became the “Lady of the Eyrie” at just three years old when she was orphaned. She lived with Lord Yorbert Royce as regent and protector and, like Rhaenyra, her title was contested by a man, her cousin, Ser Arnold Arryn. But she managed to eliminate the problem, locking him in one of the sky cells (the one we saw Tyrion in Season 1).

At the end of Season 1, no one mentioned House of the Dragon‘s bluff when discussing discovering Lady Jeyne’s allegiance. There is a great possibility that the Arryns would decline to support the blacks because of Daemon Targaryen’s connection, after all, the death of Lady Rhea Royce, his 1st wife and cousin of Lady Jeyne, was officially suspected and we know it was murder.

Lady Jeyne also knows what happened because she rejected Daemon’s claim for Runestone and expelled him from the Vale of Arryn. So it was well thought out on Rhaenyra’s side to send Jacaerys as a messenger and remember her mother’s connection more than her suspicion about her current husband.

As History was written by male chauvinists, there are versions that emphasize the “voracious appetite for men” of Lady Jeyne as well as those that allege that she preferred women. We will know what the truth is in the series, but we will certainly see her friend, confidant, and partner, Jessamyn Redfort. Lady Jeyne was never married and will die in her arms, a subject for future posts.

To support Rhaenyra, Lady Jeyne will ask for help in putting down revolts in her own lands, and, some say, a night with the Queen’s son as well. Will it be? What we do know is that she will have a big part in the season and others, we’ll talk more about her separately because of that.

What about Sara Snow?

The presence of Sara Snow is one of the biggest doubts and anticipations of the second season. This is because her very existence and connection with the Starks are questioned in the book. If Sara “exists”, there are still other important doubts. For example, she and Jace, as one version suggests, fall deeply in love. What’s more, one says that they are secretly married in the hallowed grove of Winterfell (where Bran used to stay after he returned as the Three-Eyed Raven) and another says that Cregan catches them both, becoming irate. Still, in the duel of the versions, either Cregan forces the two to marry or is happy to discover that they were already united. See how relevant Sara Snow will be?

If Sara appears and her love story with Jacaerys is true, some facts will also be “explained”, such as that does he chose not to reveal his marriage when he returns to Dragonstone or it didn’t happen? After all, he will be pulling a Robb Stark’s oathbreaker… If he is already taken, it could also be the real reason why he asks Baela, his fiancée, to wait until the civil war is over for them to get married. Will Jacaerys try to buy time before telling the truth? Some believe he did this not because he feared the worst, but because he was no longer free to marry and keep his mother’s promise to Rhaenys and Ser Corlys Velaryon.

Jacaerys’ visit to Winterfell will be one of the most important moments of season 2. In addition to the romance with Sara Snow, Jace and Cregan will sign an “ice and fire” pact, promising the marriage of their firstborns. The union of Stark and Targaryen houses will only be realized many years later, as we know, with Jon Snow’s parents. But it will be beautiful to see the promise. And whether it’s true that Vermax laid a clutch of dragon eggs in the crypts beneath Winterfell. It’s high time to return to the North!


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