Catherine de Medici’s strategic turn

The first season of The Serpent Queen was nothing short of perfect. Historically accurate, great interpretations, recorded in the places where the events took place, a fun, and deconstructive soundtrack, and an accurate rhythm.

The figure of Catherine de Medici entered History as a manipulative, mysterious, implacable, and powerful woman. Without a noble origin, but from a wealthy family, she was Queen of France and later regent, but in total spent three decades commanding one of the most important nations in the world.

The series introduces us to an older Catherine, already nicknamed “Serpent Queen”, where he invites us to judge her by listening to her story from her personal perspective, and if “we would do it differently”. Obviously, she leads us to sympathize with her trajectory, reversing the roles of good guys and villains (Diane de Poitiers, Mary, Queen of Scots, the Guise, the Bourbons) all in a deliciously mischievous way. In the final episode of the season, Catherine astutely turned the tables, cornered the players, and literally grabbed the Crown for herself as she lost her firstborn husband and had her eight-year-old son Charles X become king. As regent, Catarina will deal with religious conflicts, politics, and family issues.

At a breakneck pace and several turns, the final episode was dizzying, and only those who remember the facts or are paying attention can follow the exchanges of alliances and power. In short, after exiling Diane after her husband’s death, Catherine found herself at the mercy of a religiously obsessed Mary, controlled by the Guise and enemies of Protestantism. As a foreigner and commoner, Catarina doesn’t get much above them, so she makes dangerous alliances to gain control. However, her son’s fragile health leads her to switch sides at the last minute, in a dangerous but winning strategy.

In a ruse, Catherine exiled Mary, took control of both the Guises and the Bourbons, and officially begins her term as Queen Regent. An amazing dinghy and a lesson in politics.
The second season is confirmed, but it shouldn’t be released before the middle of 2023, if not in 2024. It will be worth the wait for every second!


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