Carrie and Aidan kiss in And Just Like That

Although it strikes as modern and curious, there is much more of Charlotte in Carrie than Samantha and Miranda. That’s right, although a fan of occasional casual sex, in general what we followed in Sex and The City was a series of wrong boyfriends, a toxic passion and a lot of mismatches. Her obsession with Mr. Big spanned the entirety of the franchise, concluding withtwo movies, and a sequel, And Just Like That. Undoubtedly, John Preston (Chris Noth) was the great love of Carrie Bradshaw’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) life and his unexpected death, when the two lived in full happiness in a relationship that had all kinds of turmoil, was the catalyst for a mourning and an almost unrecognizable Carrie.

Already in the first season it had been announced that we would see again one of the few men who effectively rivaled Big, Aidan Shaw (John Corbett), who got to be engaged to Carrie, but was betrayed by her with Big and later abandoned when she assumed not to be ready for a wedding. Carrie broke still’s heart twice, but he got married and had kids, found his “happily ever after.”

The polarization between those who supported Big and those who supported Aidan is classic. On paper, Aidan was what everyone wanted, but at the end of the day it was to see Carrie doubling the indomitable Big who messed with Sex and The City fans. And, in the series, the two came to slap each other for her, in a bizarre phase in which Carrie and Big were “just friends”, but which Aidan did not buy. Rightly so, agree? Because in the movie Sex and the City 2, of all places in the world, Carrie bumped into Aidan in the middle of Abu Dhabi, in a moment of existential crisis. The weather hit, they kissed and didn’t go further. Carrie confessed to Big, who didn’t like it but it was practical: he bought his wife an even bigger ring and made the behavior changes she expected from him. The last years of their marriage, as we know, were full. But… what about Aidan?

Well, there is no doubt by the released photos that he is single. Their children must already be teenagers (they don’t appear, apparently) and the reunion with Carrie, without the shadow of Big’s presence, is more than certain. The kisses exchanged in the streets, the friends in the cafe, Aidan will really have Carrie all to himself now.

A few questions remain:

1 As Steve’s best friend, how will you deal with Miranda and Che? As we saw that Steve lived with Big without drama, apparently he will have the same behavior with Miranda.

2. What will life be like for Carrie as a stepmother to teenagers? With Alexander Petrovsky’s daughter it was not very easy, imagine now in two? Will we see in the case of a third season?

3. If Carrie marries Aidan, will she be Mrs. Bradshaw-Shaw? Sounds funny…

In the context of theories, I have a few. I think Carrie and Aidan’s reunion will mark the end of the franchise, which will effectively be the farewell of these characters. The reception of the first season of And Just Like That was lukewarm, enough for a new round, wbut, in the face of the cancellations of successful series, I don’t see a guaranteed scenario for Carrie and her friends. Their dramas don’t engage younger audiences, and those who grew up with them also don’t identify with them now turning 60. To be seen…

And, seeing as Aidan was planned to return from the beginning, it’s a pity for those who followed the first season recordings of material recorded with Mr. Big that didn’t make the final cut. With the personal issues surrounding Chris Noth, the final issue of the series reduced the scenes shot that would be either flashbacks or Carrie living something like Ghost, an interaction with the spirit of Big. What it seemed to suggest was that Carrie would grieve but have Big’s spiritual support to move forward. A carriage ride in New York, a passage by the fountain where she wept for him when he married another, and finally the bridge in Paris where she had scattered her ashes. Was it foreseeable that Big would give his blessing to Aidan and Carrie? It would be romantic, but now it’s in the imagination…

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