The anxiety for news of House of the Dragon Season 2

Whether in three weeks or just over two months, the resumption of recording on House of The Dragon, after a brilliant debut, is set to begin. While Spanish newspapers gave the date of the recordings for April (King’s Landing has been recorded in Cáceres), the English site Production List says that the recordings in the studios begin March 6th. However, even with time passing quickly, little is known about the cast, that is, the new names that should still appear and there are not a few.

Starting with the Starks. Prince Jacaerys flew north, seeking to create alliances with his mother. His fate, sorry, will be no less tragic than his younger brother’s, but before that, it will be quite rich. In the mission that will open the season, even before reaching Winterfell and meeting Sara Snow and Cregan Stark, Jacaerys will pass through the Eagle’s Nest, where he will have important conversations with Rhaenyra’s relative, Lady Jeyne Arryn. Just quoting these two passages, we are already talking about at least six important characters that we still don’t have “a face”.

On the side of the blacks, we will certainly meet the new “Dragonriders”: the brothers Addam (who will stay with Seasmoke) and Alyn from Hull; Hugh Hammer, a blacksmith’s bastard who claims Vermithor; Ulf White, a man-at-arms claiming Silverwing; and Nettles, a young bastard who tames Sheepstealer and, yes, Daemon Targaryen, with whom she gets very, very close. Let’s not forget the cruel Cheese and Blood, from Otto’s nephew Ormund Hightower, from Alicent and Viserys’ youngest son, who we haven’t met yet, Daeron. See how long the list is?

How do we deal with our curiosity?

Curiosity and anxiety will be tested to their utmost now that we’ve had a taste of what they’re doing and want to move on to Westeros as soon as possible. But let’s go behind the scenes.

While most of the cast returns, the biggest change is at the helm of the series, with the departure of Miguel Sapochnik. The award-winning director’s visual and storytelling signature will be missed, there’s no doubt, but we’re in good hands. Showrunner Ryan Condal continues to sign the scripts and Alan Taylor, who directed good episodes of Game of Thrones and the first season of House of the Dragon, gains more space.

The second season has the same importance as the first to guarantee the future of the series. With the wave of cancellations still the trend, the fact that HBO only renewed for one more means that it will closely monitor the results. For the writers, it will always be complicated because they will have to tell a story in a way that makes sense in case it is the last one, but at the same time guarantee interest for future seasons. The excerpt from the Dance of the Dragons, which began precisely in the last episode, according to the author, George R. R. Martin needs three more seasons. Until recently, it would have been a sure bet, but now?

Although the recordings that will start soon should end in 2023, there is no space on the platform for the new content to be shown before 2024. Important because with the dragons it will take a good amount of time for post-production. After all, until the moment the conflict (planted by Otto Hightower), was between Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra Targaryen, and in the stalemate of the coup coronation of Aegon II. However, Aegon enjoyed the attention and power of being King, and Aemond (unintentionally?) spilled blood by killing his nephew, Lucerys, so Rhaenyra is now doubly motivated to eliminate the greens. The series should begin precisely with this turning point.

Remains to be seen if we will have many external ones, but I would already be happy with the confirmation of the cast. And you?


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