Live to Tell (Madonna’s biopic) is archived. For now…

As a fan of Madonna, I found it odd that she was already working on a biopic about herself because her obsession with time, the subject of 9 out of 10 of her songs, always underscores that she doesn’t like to waste energy. And a movie takes years to get off the ground. It makes sense that she would want to have 100% of her time under her own control, and she was always known for having artistic management of everything, so much so that she wrote the script herself and was going to direct the film, temporarily titled Live to Tell. On the other hand, intense and always focused on the present, she put her plans aside to embark on a long world tour that celebrates her 40 years of career. Madonna on stage is a thousand times better and bigger than Madonna on screen. Good choice.

And the movie? Well, it’s officially archived. We’ve been following this relationship for years and the development of the project, which initially had Diablo Cody helping with the script, the search for the actress who was going to play Madonna, the entry of Erin Cressida Wilson, from The Girl on the Train at the end to work on the plot that was going to focus on the singer’s early career and end with the Blond Ambition tour in 1990. Julia Garner apparently tapped out Florence Pugh for the role and was going through the arduous process of preparing for the role, learning to sing and dance under the singer’s direct supervision. And the daily rehearsals ran for 11 hours straight, according to reports.

News is out that the movie has been canceled. I reinforce that it was put on hold because obviously with so many biopics, Madonna‘s one day gets off the ground, I just don’t know with so many roles for Madonna behind the cameras, you know?

The order of facts is what is now generating buzz. Did Madonna embark on the tour because the movie was canceled or was it shelved because at 64 (65 this year!) she preferred to go on her big world tour? Choose your version. I think it was both. Madonna is restless and dedicating herself to the film already took three years of her life, time goes by so slowly for those who wait, no time to hesitate. She is a performer who enchants us live and after so long, it is better to return to the stage while she still has the strength to do what she likes: singing and dancing. I’m always with her.

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