Amy Winehouse’s Family Approves Back To Black

The brief trajectory of Amy Winehouse had a great cultural impact worldwide. The talent, the originality, the drugs, the drama and death at 27. Amy has suffered from the excessive attention offstage, but she won’t escape her story made into a movie. That’s right, a third project has been announced.

The news had been around for two days, but it left me wondering how much she would hate that attention. She wanted artistic recognition, but not fame. All the pressure hurt her already sensitive soul. But avoid impossible, it seems.
The new project, Back to Black, has an important signature from director Sam Taylor-Johnson, who has done an excellent biography of John Lennon and was a personal friend of Amy’s.
In this new version, the young actress Marisa Abela, from the series Industry, is the main candidate for the singer’s part. It was the news from Variety. Amy’s father is involved with casting because he wants to avoid any star actress “like Lady Gaga”.

Hollywood has been itching to make a movie ever since the documentary Amy won an Oscar in 2015. But only Back To Black has the support of the family. The anticipated film that would have Noomi Rapace in the skin of Amy did not get off the ground and the most recent one, Saving Amy, has run into the singer’s father objections.
Will it come out now?


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